Developing my research theme

In order to develop my research theme and critically understand what it means in terms of my illustration practice I found that I needed to clarify the question first. I’m writing in past tense here because the vast majority of my research I did in my notebooks, both written and drawings, so I’m retracing my steps here, which actually helps me to access a larger understanding in hindsight.

Fig. 1 Book Cover

In Alan Male’s book, Illustration: a Theoretical & Contextual Perspective, he outlines the importance developing the brief by defining the rational, the aim and the objectives. This book is very helpful to refining my understanding of my own illustration practice and that of the wider field.

The pivotal points pertaining to my research theme the everyday was to clarify the aims and objectives.

I needed to map out initially, my aims:

  • Research theorists dealing with the everyday-broaden my understanding and knowledge
  • What other illustrators/artists deal with this theme and how?
  • How does my work compare with the above? How do I develop this? What is of particular interest to my work?


  • To have a clear sound understanding of my research theme.
  • To produce illustration work informed by sound research.
  • To develop illustration work that will facilitate situating my practice in the larger illustration field.
  • To gain a critical awareness and knowledge of my field- What do I want to say/ What kind of illustrator am I?

List of Figures:

Fig.1 Book Cover, Male, A. 2007, Illustration: a theoretical and contextual perspective

Reference list:

Male, A. 2007, Illustration: a theoretical and contextual perspective, AVA Academia, Lausanne.


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