Narrative Illustration

This is an initial piece with story in text, my own script and someone I met at the market. The idea was to show how a story could be combined with my drawings to give it another sense of depth and have fun with making a storyline for my drawn characters. I was thinking of something like this with various characters of Dublin with their own private selves expressed through text.

Photo 02-05-2016, 09 38 31.jpg

Reportage Drawing of Dublin Flea Market

This is new work of the Dublin Flea Market. I did the drawings on location over two events and from these I made these pieces. Initially I was bogged down with making everything in the images look real and using a true to life colour palette, which actually looked very unlike looking. Plus I found this process not really communication the atmosphere of the market and the people I met there. To really convey this I experimented with different areas of light, tone and shape to give the illustrations a true sense of the place. Actually I found it liberating with this approach and something I want to push further in my work.

Dublin Flea Market

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