North Side: 1. Abbey Street

In the Oval pub next door, Simon Dedalus, who left the Telegraph offices earlier, is drinking with Ned Lambert…

Making a start drawing people on the first location in Abbey Street. I choose the Oval public house as a starting point because is one of the historic pubs linked with James Joyce and features in Ulysses.  These are some initial analog drawings before I decided on the final layout for the first page.

theoval copy
The Oval Bar


I call this one ‘the Lads’ sure what else?

Outside Page 1.

PrintFinal image above after a mountain of decisions. The idea was to focus on the two main characters using the rule of thirds as rough guide. Plus make a connection with the viewer and the main guy looking at the viewer.

Inside Page 7.

The idea throughout my book as outlined in the proposal is to show corresponding outside and inside viewpoints. This will form the concertina book with half and half themes. So the Oval public house as a starting point with the two characters outside and then enjoying a drink together probably discussing Joyce! The focus was close up view with inked brushstrokes to give the characters definition. I want to make an interesting mix of lines and materials that will add an energy and contrast when I add the digital colour.Page7