6: College Street

Bloom sees a squad of police constables marching away from the barracks at College street after eating a lunch of fat soup, and another squad marches round the railings of Trinity College heading towards the barracks for lunch.

Outside page 6.

Crossing over the river to the south side of the city, College street. On a particularly lively in Dublin celebrating Pride Day I took a number of photos for visual reference for this image. It was important throughout to keep alive the feeling of movement and energy of this city. The couple in the foreground look out at the viewer, inviting the audience into the action in a way. The  whole idea is to elevate the ordinary, reimagine the mundane.

Page6 copy
College Street

Inside page 12.

It was fitting for this final page to depict restaurant scene. Strong parallel lines draw the viewer into the image. I applied ink splatters to create a handmade feel. I think this mix of analog and digital will become more apparent at the colour stage-and make it a visually arresting illustration.

A bit of lunch!

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