Book layout

Assembling my book, I placed six pages outside and inside parts in Photoshop, making two separate files Part 1 and Part 2. I did this to cater for the file size, its massive 11.7″ x 99″ for each part. It was also to cater for the printer.

I then drew intersecting lines digitally before and after the color stage. On my tutor’s advice, I applied colour to the entire file, part 1 and 2. This really helped avoid any gaps or pages looking separate. Instead the outcome as show here was a natural flow of different color hues/tones that create a great sense of rhythm and balance. Plus, each page works individually too.





Much has been written about colour and visual attention and how audiences responds to contrasts in color and light, and to the emotional and cultural value of a specific color. In my process I work intuitively selecting contrasting colours in each piece. I draw with different colour shapes in a layered manner creating angels that accentuate the drawing composition. My sole aim is to make arresting original images always pushing what I have learnt from the previous work.

My tutor suggested I find some way to show my walked path, like a map tracing my steps. Thinking on this I worked out a solution, simple but effective and something that would tie in with my illustrations. I wove a dark blue line that flanked some of the existing lines and traveled throughout the book. It can be seen in various places, behind people in front of things marking my path.


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