Book preparation

At every stage of my project it’s been a huge learning curve and quickly. This being my first time printing on such a large scale each book A3 landscape x 12 pages plus a smaller book A5 size all concertina. I researched suitable printers and book binders and after many conversations found two excellent contacts.

Sketch of book plan I sent to printer.

Initially I naively thought my commercial printer I use for graphic work could print my book but after detailed discussion I learnt that the paper when folded 12 times would be far too bulky for a concertina book. So this poised a dilemma at the time. I had done some initial research into fine art printing so I contacted John in Fine Art Print Studio in Waterford and we discussed at length the possible solutions and formats needed for large scale giclee prints. During this process I learnt how important it is to establish  good sound communication with my printer, who was simply brilliant. He also trimmed the edges of my work which was a great bonus and brought my parcel up to Dublin for collection! Outstanding service and I’m looking forward to the next book this year! Unknown

Next I met with Tom from Duffy’s Bookbinders to discuss details like how to present my work, cover colour, embossed title on front and end papers. The trickiest part of this process was making the folds and joining part 1 and 2 as these where separate prints. After a few deep breaths I managed a system of making a master page and using that to measure all other pages so the folds were exact, or close enough. I learnt that being a handcrafted book I had to allow for .5-1 mm difference, and this was also part of the authentic nature of my book and marked it different from a commercial project.

This image below shows the various stages of my book preparation in my studio. Firstly the box with all my work and the assembling of the A5 concertina to the A3 folds with the cover page. The final two A3 books were then presented to Duffy’s Bookbinders. This was a huge learning and confidence booster in terms of folding and constructing my work in a particular format which will be important in future projects.


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