My Audience

Key is getting my work out there reaching as many people as possible through effective marketing of my brand/work on social media. For example my website where I can sell my art blogging, Instagram, Behance, LinkedIn and selling platforms like Society 6. Also showing my work in alternative venues like libraries, shops and corporate offices, essentially creating opportunities to show my work.

The larger A3 book targets the higher end like corporate plus the more affordable A5 books and postcard size with front and back images will accommodate another audience.

The A5 book is also a direct mail piece I plan to send to selected art directors working in editorial and advertising areas in Dublin plus some abroad. This field would suit my reportage illustration best and provide the greatest opportunity. I am particularly interested in lifestyle publications which would match my subject matter.

Other avenues include exhibiting work in gallery settings both locally and internationally, art fairs, arts organisations and Cultural organisations like Culture Ireland and the James Joyce Centre.

As a freelance illustrator it is important for me to approach the selected  people and bodies with a view to commission my book and other work. Essentially raising a profile in this field.


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