Developing my visual research

I enjoyed this process of researching and developing a more refined understanding of this area of illustration, reportage. I started with drawings documenting my everyday surrounding in my notebooks. Using pen and markers in grey and black tones I focused on objects in my kitchen and studio materials. I really liked this idea of looking closely everyday things I use, almost like re seeing things.

I decided to look at larger everyday living spaces and draw from these. Initially I began with pen and also tried here a blue paint marker on a painted coloured background. My preference, really my style is more suited to the pen drawings although I’d like to try some different tools, like the Japanese pen and brush markers to experiment with line.



                                                     Fig.6. Stefano’s Kitchen

Key features in my work are style and colour evident in the final outcome for ‘Stefano’s Kitchen’ drawing. The flat solid colours and line drawing are features of my visual style. I enjoyed doing this work and it prompted many ideas for the Practice 1 piece.

List of Figures:

Figs. 1,2,3,4,5,6 Author’s own illustrations.


Photographer and art director Vanessa McKeown makes colorful pictures of everyday objects combined in interesting, playful ways.

This is a really good example of how everyday objects can be transformed into something completely different by juxtaposing two objects in unexpected ways. Visually the bright pop colours and the unexpected visual twist make for a compelling image. This is evident in her increasing popularity on Instagram.

Fig.1 Plant Grooming


Fig.2 Party Food


Fig.3 Summer Cleaning


List of Figures:

Fig.1 Plant Grooming

Fig.2 Party Food

Fig.3 Summer Cleaning

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Lyndon Hayes

This is work of illustrator Lyndon Hayes. He beautifully captures the energy and vibrancy of the everyday in this series of work about people of London. He states that;

The people of the capital city play an essential role, some of whom are seldom   seen or noticed. Young & old, skilled craftsmen & small business owners, tailors to publicans. Here are just some of London’s inhabitants each with a story to tell.

I particularly like the mix of lines and weight with a splash of colour. I first came across Hayes in the Observer magazine where he illustrates on the dining out articles. What interests me about his work is how he turns the ordinary into beautiful everyday observations.

Fig.1 Alan-Silver and Gold polisher-Goldsmiths


Fig.2 John-Watch Service Centre
Fig.3 L.Manze-Walthamstow



Above is some work from his Instagram sketchbook. The notebook or visual diary documents the everyday, which is city life. He says;

In the summer of 2012, I decided to begin a series of sketchbook drawings based around London life & it’s landmarks with a view to displaying the finished results on the popular Instagram site.

List of Figures:

Fig.1   Alan -Silver and Gold polisher-Goldsmiths

Fig.2   John -Watch Service Centre

Fig.3  L.Manze-Walthamstow

Figs 4,5,6  Notebook drawings

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